High Low Hot Seats

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Tuesday, August 3 | 5 PM - 9 PM
Exclusively at Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs


Every 30 minutes, one ACE Club member that is playing Table Games will be selected to participate in a fun game experience.

How To Participate

  • Every 30 minutes, a random live Table Game will be selected.
  • Guests that are playing with their ACE Club card on the selected Table will then choose a concealed game card from a set of game cards.
  • The guest with the highest valued card will move on to play the game.

How The Game Works

  • The participant will start by selecting five (5) concealed playing cards from a full deck, and will place them in order of their preference next to the five (5) Promotional Chip prizes that are displayed on the game table.
  • The first playing card is revealed for the participant. The participant must guess if the next playing card in sequence is a higher or lower value than the prior card.
  • If the player guesses correctly, they will collect the Promotional Chip prize associated with that playing card and will continue on to guess the next card.
  • This process is repeated until the participant reaches the final prize, or until they guess incorrectly. If the guess is incorrect, the participant keeps the prize they have earned to that point.

How Do I Qualify

  • Qualify by playing Table Games with your ACE Club card during the promotional period.
  • ACE Club Member have the opportunity to win once during the promotional day. 
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